• IPC:Supported in all APIs

    1. *nix(linux darwin): Unix Domain Socket file is ~/.gvite/testdata/gvite.ipc

    2. Windows: Due to Named Pipe naming limitation the file is \\.\pipe\gvite.ipc

  • Http:Public APIs ONLY. Default port is 48132. Wallet module is excluded.

  • WebSocket:Public APIs ONLY. Default port is 31420. Wallet module is excluded.

  • Restrictions(for the time being):

    1. The subscription mode is not supported yet;

    2. Part of APIs are not yet finalized. Future change may happen.

  • Notes:

    1. To avoid unexpected behaviors, standard Json rpc2 library is highly recommended;

    2. Term transaction or Tx is equivalent to account block.

Common error codes

Desc Code Message Example
Insufficient balance -35001 The balance is not enough. {"code":-35001,"message":"The balance is not enough."}
Wrong password -34001 error decrypting key {"code":-34001,"message":"error decrypting key"}
Account already unlocked -34002 the address was previously unlocked {"code":-34002,"message":"the address was previously unlocked"}

JSON-RPC Support

JSON-RPC 2.0 HTTP IPC Publish–subscribe Websocket
future version